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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 1, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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advertising banner over the east bay. the pilot was able to set the craft down safely with no injuries the runway shut down nearly two decadesing ayes. this may have been the first time the plane landed there in 18 years or so. wow. good evening thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> our other top story is an impressive showing on the streets of oakland a major mayday march. no arrests and no criminal activity. >> we have live team coverage and let's begin with you. >> no business is usual. but there was no mention of labor at all, wages and pay.
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all messaging was about police. oor there are issues that they're dealing with when it comes to interactions between police and the community. . >> i want to see them come get it. >> police are performing on the citizens. >> they have to take care of our people. they're our children. families of our
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family. organized by labor, hundreds revealed a broad mix of communities and concerns. >> working people care deeply about what happens. they're being mistreated. >> i am here to celebrate black lives as all lives matter. we have to come together. >> police were on hand to escort the marchers. >> we know things can change very quickly. we're prepared and ready if those do occur. >> the port was shut down for the day. it's expected to reopen in just about an hour. that is when they're expected to
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resume here, in downtown oakland. >> thank you, laura. in san francisco a couple hundred people took to the streets. this is a live look. you can see people out there. workers talked about immigration and the fact on this may day, the inmum wage increase to $12.25. the demonstration was loud but peaceful. >> you can see there is no impact on enthusiasm of the people here. so you've walked three miles to be here because they believe reform and higher pay.
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>> they march to city hall. activists and elected officials giving impassioned speeches. >> participants say there has never been more urgency as labor and immigration issues converge. this san jose state senior brought sisters to the rally. >> this is not enough to support whole families like these kids. there are many kids in the family. and sometimes $ten an issue doesn't cut it. >> if we have a third of the households unable to support themselves that is a drain on the local economy. >> there is a message that black
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lives matter. participants hope the economy is making it more difficult. >> the wages being paid not to makeup for what it costs to live here. 2,000 apartments built, one bedroom is $1800. no one is making that on $ten an hour. >> up from $eight just two years ago, the cities in mountain view are passing ordinances soon along with four other south bay cities. >> david, thank you. a daily city woman waited seven years to get justice for a murdered son has gotten some closure tonight. and vic lee shows how it's ended tonight. >> does that
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word justice mean anything to you? >> mondayica gonzales waited seven years. today, the wait is over. martin martinez will be sentenced. about 50 family and friends gathered eager to hear the decision. martinez stabbed a 17-year-old to death at a party in 2008 and was arrested the next morning. it took six years to go to trail. there are endless delays. and that was complicated >> we're pleased with the results. >> no matter the sentence the family says it won't be enough. >> we'll never get our angelo
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back. this guy is breathing. eating showering, sleeping my nephew will nufr come back. >> my angelo is my baby boy. we'll always love him. >> gonzales read the statement she planned to give in court. once in court she couldn't do it. >> murdered a young man who had a few tour. >> gonzales listened tearfully. her sister read a statement. >> the judge sentenced martinez 25 years to life. finally, justice. vic lee, abc7 news. >> actions off the field cost a baseball player his college scholar shich. abc7 news is live where school leaders are using this as a teachable moment. katie? >> so much of this discussion has taken place on twitter. the problem is how do you
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discuss something as complicated in 140 characters or less? the words of a baseball player, cell phone captured part of an argument and racial slurs. >> got very emotional. >> the video flew across social media like a foul ball. >> they're being offered in a way that indicates a lack of understanding about the real egregious nature of what happened. >> tagged and tweets they dropped a letter of intent. >>
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that is essential. >> both districts acknowledge the incident saying there is work to be done. >> this is a teachable moment. >> russell says some feeds continue to be unproductive. >> difficult to explain to my son that there are people out there that may not be ready to understand or recognize the power of what happened. >> we pray this experience teaches him, and his friends, family, the power of words. it's time to begin the healing process. >> still ahead a bay area gearing up for the fight of the
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century. a pay per view event. >> option to have watching warriors the best may be where you are now. >> and at 6:00 tonight a return to the wild as a golden eagle.
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it is one of the most-anticipated match ups in the history of boxing. but for one bay area community
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it's about celebrating. many mania is sweeping the town. >> some are calling it the fight of the century. >> just great energy we're very excited. >> the build up to the fight >> everyone is waiting. >> daily city is home to one of the largest filipino american communities in the country. it's no surprise diners are all for pac man. >> getting to where he is now. that you can achieve and do what he's done. >> in south san francisco, employees are getting ready tomorrow, it will be about the fight. the restaurant has to pay $7500 just for the rights to pay the match. a maximum of 200 guests. tickets sold out. >> that is what is this is
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exciting about. >> i'm going to start you know, i'm sure you're going to do it. >> a lot of pride for native country's hero. >> this works fast. so we're proud of him. >> in daily city, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> fans are getting ready for the playoff game. it is the hottest ticket in town. if you don't have one we'll have the game for you hear. today, abc7 news is checked in with the fashion for the game. >> the crowd is just, you know, right there behind you.
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waiting. you know? >> today, they looked prepared to face the grizzlies. a team known for slowing down the pace of the game. the fans wish they can get tickets. >> i'm going to enjoy the game. >> if you don't want to watch it there, there are options. alameda theater will sell the game free. they're sure to sell out, quickly. >> just trying to reach out. what is what we like
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to do. >> proceeds will go towards warriors charity. >> all right. we're showcasing warriors pride. here is a nice one of kevin ready for sunday. we couldn't resist showing you this cat. cute shot. pecan, ringing the bell in his blue and gold shirt. not too bad. huh? cute. we're fee fewering more photos. >> game one is 12:30 followed by post game show after the game. join abc7 news and post game
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reaction, we're very excited for that. more excited for the weekend spencer christian is here for the weather forecast. >> yes. we start getting excited here on monday for the weekend. we have a cooling experience. notice temperatures are 18 degrees cooler and 20 degrees cooler in oakland. here is why, spreading over the bay it's 58 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 54. still, 83 degrees in emeryville. you can see sun reflecting off the bay water. it's 67 in santa rosa and napa.
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82 in fairfield. this is a view from our camera looking back towards and here is what's happening on our cloud pattern today. low clouds and fog a southerly surge, cooling sea breeze will continue overnight into tomorrow. so fog moving across the bay overnight. some 60s to 70s around the bay. highs upper 80 # 0s to 80. inland mid 07s. 60s around the bay and 50s on
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the coast. overnight, spotty drizzle near the coast. low temperatures low 50s. tomorrow, sunny skies, highs mid to upper 70s. upper 50s and highs of 63 to goes tomorrow. low to mid-70s inland. highs 69 in oakland, 71 in san leandro. highs upper 70s here is the accu-weather forecast. sunny, friday becomes partly cloudy. today i was a guest reader and
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here is a picture of the whole class. there is spencer in the middle. students were so smart and very engaging. >> continuing abc7 news i team >> the business this man was running claiming to do something he's not.
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a marin county group is under investigation by two federal agencies after an i team investigation. greg allen runs a marine-style gym, and trained young men and women that want to join the military. has he been telling the truth? >> he should be doing this for money as an actor. >> this is a story with the
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story. you're going to find out how people gave allen money. >> the story of true valor. sitting down with taya kyle. her new book pays tribute to her husband and families of veterans. >> you can see more of the interview on 2020. at 10:00 thursday morning. >> coming up just ahead
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criminal charges against baltimore police officers in the death of a suspect who should never have been arrested. >> michael finney follows up on a woman whose rent quadrupled. she's moving out and fighting back. >> from lasting impressions left by two young women from kenya after
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my name is rene guerrero. i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california.
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supporters in six baltimore police officers who are charged with the death of an unarmed black man say prosecutors rushed to judgment. the state attorney filed charges against the six officers in the death of freddie gray. this is our look at the officers. you can see three are white men, two black men, one, an african american woman the medical examiner ruled it a homicide. the officers who drove the van gray was injured in was charged with second-degree depraved
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heart murder meaning he's accused of acting can indifference the top prosecutor urged protests to show patience as this plays out in court. >> i heard your call for no justice, no peace. your peace is needed as i work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man >> the president said the officers need to receive due process and the justice department will provide assistance >> i think the people of baltimore want more than anything else is the truth. to the extent that it's appropriate, this administration will help local officials get to the bottom of what happened. >> demonstrators marched in celebration today, planning a bigger march tomorrow criminal charges against a hunter accused of starting a massive wildfire near yosemite two years ago have been dropped the rim fire was one of the biggest fires in california history. a hunter was accused of letting
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a camp fire get out of control but prosecutors said today that they cannot prove their case without testimony of two key witnesses who have since died. one was a helicopter pilot that rescued him. a conviction could have landed him in federal prison for 11 years. >> the government of nepal is putting out an appeal for aid tonight the death toll stands at 6,000. officials say there is little time left to find anyone who might be alive in the rubble. 400,000 family need tents but the governor has been only able to provide 29,000. salt, sugar and grains are needed as well. an aid group founded by a lawyer is mobilizing to shelter the injured and homeless in nepal. he and now
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>> some patients ared with broken limbs and on the ground. other patients ready to be discharged are in the beds. >> the yunl foundation is buying and distributing thousands of tents to house scores of homeless. to help there is a link to the group on abc7 and or call them. >> a san francisco woman who got hit with a $400 rent increase is moving out. her landlord raised her rent to $8900 per month. >> will remember the time a
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staff could hardly believe what's happening to her. now now. >> the home is understandably a mess. the deadline is just days away. >> it's painful. >> her move attracted a steady stream of people. she plans to couch surf beyond that, her future is murky. . >> i don't know. i can't afford to live here. >> the landlord believes it's not covered by rent control laws.
6:33 pm
>> he plans to file a lawsuit on deb's behalf charging a landlord with wrongful eviction. >> if intend and doesn't want to pay minimum moving allowance. >> he would have been required to pay $5500 and relocation had she been evicted. court documents reveal he received $7500 from a family trust to pay attorney fees to evict them. >> realize these are peoples' homes. negotiate. have integrity. compromise. come on. and so i'll miss it. but i don't have a choice.
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>> so to see my reports online go to abc7 and select 7 on your side. >> this is not unique a tenants group said one out of four renters have to use half monthly income to pay for housing and utilities. since 2010, prices have risen twice the pace of the average wage. >> the state had a modest growth rate. we have 3 million more than all of canada. dublin grew by four and a half percent last year. >> coming up next, this golden
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because together, we thrive. ♪ a golden eagle is soaring high above green hills right
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now. >> after a month in rehab it was set free today. >> a dramatic a beautiful relief. >> this is to just prevent her from the talons. >> this is incredible. >> i don't know why she's grounded i expect she may have been hit by a car. i know she hit her head. >> bleeding and disoriented vets say she may have eaten rats that are poisoned. >> the rats get sick, they eat more eat more, get sicker. eagles and bob cats catch them. that poison builds up. >> it took drug therapy. >> she put on weight but bruising is recovered and she's ready to go. >> the long road began over a
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month ago when temperatures believe. >> we were joking around like we're outside. . >> i netted it with animal control. >> this is her second time wearing one of these. >> this is two straps under the shoulders, two, under the wings. >> 1 2. three. >> a smooth take off. she was soaring high, and fighting over red tailed hawks. this time they're happy to put something back in the trees.
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>> it's nice to be back and well. >> wonderful. >> to include more growth there is a fund-rais
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a bay area say as abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings reports they're determined to become leaders in kenya. >> this video shows the girls who attend this school the girls are from 18 different tribes going to school sh peacefully together, live on the campus and learning to be leaders.
6:44 pm
two came to tend the boarding school. >> you're lucky you're chosen to come here, right? >> i just want to hear their voices boy like to be a general. that is what i feel. >> their principal came with the girls. she says they're highly motivated. >> some girls do not have parents. others have parents but they're so poor they have to be away from the children to find money. >> we provide a four-year scholarship for them then, when they leave there is training and
6:45 pm
live skills training. and they are prepped for community. >> there are 30 students selected every year. >> takes $25 to educate the girls. >> she sponsored six girls every year. she's learning about building relationships. >> to see the girls that are friendly and just great women this says a lot to our kids about how they are around the world. >> some people are homeless. and i would like to build homes
6:46 pm
for them. >> i want tople it's not all about killing each other, but more unity. >> this is a fund-raiser sunday so it can expand and include more girls. >> let's go back and talk about the weekend weather. >> yes. hi spencer. >> from this column a list of high temperatures. ten degrees cooler in santa rosa. today, 64. big loser meet logical live
6:47 pm
speaking was watsonville. tomorrow sunny skies warm to hot. highs into upper 80s in chico. 92 in fresno. 99 in palm springs. a few low 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. a steady pattern of mild weather around the bay and inlandland. >> it's remarkable. you are reading my mind. yes. we'll hear from bob meyers as the
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good evening vacation is over. time for warriors to get back
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into playoff mode. and now, warriors take support against grizzlies will be the first game in eight days. there is steve kerr liking what he saw today. >> i thought today there is a greater sense of competition you know? last few days have been great to get to bed at a normal hour, sleep well. now, it's fine. >> it's been an eternity. >> asking who will be the x factor and why? let us know what you think on
6:52 pm
twitter, facebook and instagram. see members. the team cheering him on there. he was part of a decision not to trade and got choked up. >> being an executive general manager in any sport is hard because you're away from your family, a lot but it's fantastic job. you make sacrifices to do it. but in this job, looking for to team, it's been well worth it.
6:53 pm
>> the nfl draft continues in chicago. second and third rounds. he had 89 tackles. raiders introduced amari cooper out of alabama. >> he wanted us to be diligent in the approach. you know? taking practice seriously. from samford alabama this guy shows up angry when he hits. niners admitted the hitter is a work in progress.
6:54 pm
>> safer and we're at 3, 4, and so i lost a guy who was looking forward to seeing how he did at a high level. trying to take games away from him, added to my game i'm looking forward to learn. >> many came in at 145 pounds, floyd only 167. average price for a ticket on stub hub $6,000. for the record i think mayweather by decision. keegan bradley getting in the face of jiminez. he came over to remind him, take two club links the conversation went like this. shut up. you should up. i said you should up.
6:55 pm
jiminez went on to win the match. they can. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. chapped to the gentlemen's game? >> join us tonight on cable channel 13. >> then he trains men and women that wants to serve in the military. did he lie about his time in the service? and there is shark tank. >> finally tonight, around the world, made yeah-- mayday is being celebrated in the united states it's to
6:56 pm
highlight immigration reform and workers rights. and this year, police reform, demonstrators are in the streets to make their case today workers have reason to march. a so called income gap between rich and middle class has widened in the last decades after remaining stable from 1950-1980. henry ford understood the value of a fair wage shocking the world in 1914$1914 by offering a five per day wage. roughly $120 in today's money. that doubled the average factory wage at the time. he reduced turn over and made it possible for his assembly line workers to afford the cars they produce. a healthy economy depends on it.
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let me know what you think. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news our coverage continues on twitter, you can find us on abc7 news bay area and abc7 as well. i'm ama daetz. >> from all of us here we appreciate your time and will see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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